Check out testimonials from coaches who have used the stealbases.com system from all levels of competitive baseball.

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Jason Garrett – Bishop Dwenger High School, Indiana

“If you prefer an aggressive, attacking, never let up, never back down style of base running this style is for you. In the past two seasons of utilizing some of these techniques we have been able to achieve 262 stolen base at a 90% success rate. The system is excellent and it works!”

Andover Baseball (@real_PAbaseball)

Thanks @coachtalarico & @StealBasesCom for your help. We stole 3B this season more often than our opponents attempted steals against us.” pic.twitter.com/YqaVhznXcR

Jeff Richardson (@J_Richardson12)

“Article in the @houstonherald about our record setting day. Big thanks to @StealBasesCom for the help.” pic.twitter.com/sq0k8lz7se

Jimmy Harris – Stillwater High School, Oklahoma

“We have been doing an aggressive baserunning system for the past seven years. The past three years have been the best in terms of results. It’s also the time I started leaning on Coach Talarico. Now other teams are forced to deal with us.”

Dan Rodriguez – Massillon Jackson High School, Ohio

“We are 26-29 in stolen bases through 5 games. Thanks for everything. Ranked 8th in the state and sit 5-0.”

Larry Wolf, Hilliard Darby HS, Ohio

“… This has been awesome for our kids. We are thrilled with our progress in one short season. I have been coaching either college or high school for more than 25 years and this is truly revolutionary stuff…We will be back to see you when the season is over.”

Ray Noe – Pickerington High School Central, Ohio

“Coach Talarico helped us develop and implement his “new age” baserunning into our program this past year. We stole 50+ bags this past year with a wide range of athletes on the bases. His system works extremely well…”

Jeremy Kliewer (@kliewer6jeremy)

@StealBasesCom We have stolen 95 bases through 15 games using your system!! We stole 41 total bags in 27 games last year. Thanks!!”

Doug Benzel – Avon Lake High School, Ohio

“Coach Talarico’s aggressive baserunning system has helped our entire program become more confident and efficient base stealers. This system has kept our players engaged on the base paths and has led to a HUGE increase in offensive production for our program.”

Matthew Turner (@Matthew_Turner)

“We added 25+ stolen bases and increased % this year despite losing 3 sub-6.7 seniors. Top two guys are 7+. Embraced @StealBasesCom program.”

at 111 bags taken with 6 regular season games left.”


Ballpark Taco (@BallparkTaco)

“Congratulations to @StealBasesCom @coachtalarico and @WSUBaseball on their Opening Day win at Clemson today.” #RaiderUp pic.twitter.com/p1MYCmAUuM


Greg Lovelady – University of Central Florida

“Last year at Wright State our offense changed dramatically when we hired Matt and implemented his baserunning philosophy.  Not only did we steal more bases and put more guys in scoring position, but the pressure that was added to the opposing team allowed our offense to be more successful.  His implementation, daily plan and knowledge had a direct effect on our success and abilitysteal second testimonials to play in a Regional Championship.”


Nick McIntyre – University of Toledo

“I’ve seen Matt Talarico’s basestealing system work when he was a coach in our program in 2010, and trying to defend against it the last six years when he was at Dayton and Wright St.  One thing you realize is that even with all of the knowledge of how the system works, you still can’t defend it.  Coach Talarico has really perfected his system with close to a decade of trial and error at the D1 level.  He has put it together in an easy to understand system with tips that you can only find here. I can’t think of a better way for any program to get a leg up on the competition.”

Bobby Pierce – IPFW, Indiana

“Matt is the best base running mind I know. I have been fortunate to hear him break his whole system down and my takeaways were that I knew very little about base running and that Matt is brilliant…Just one day with Matt and learning his base running principles helped our program achieve dramatic stolen base improvements and has helped me have confidence teaching base running. He is definitely one of the top base running coaches in the business.”

Adam Piotrowicz – Western Michigan University

“Ive played and coached with Coach Talarico. Where he separates himself from others in coaching base stealing is in the detail.  Seeing his attention to detail and preparation up close, it is no surprise teams he has associated himself with have so much success on the bases.  He takes concepts that are hard to understand and often overlooked and makes them simple in his base stealing system.”

CJ Gillman – Air Force

“The first year we implemented this system we led the conference in stolen bases with average runners.  We were last in stolen bases the year before. It allowed us to generate offensive production on days that we struggled to hit.”

Kyle Sprague – University of Cincinnati, Ohio

“Using the jump lead this year has allowed our offense to be more dynamic.  Using the jump lead puts pressure on the pitcher every pitch and leads to him rushing and missing his spots.”

Dustin Glant – Anderson University, Indiana

“Matt’s system has been extremely effective for me at the HS and now the small college level. We make what Matt taught me a major part of our practice plans over the last 3 years. Kids buy in immediately as they love being the aggressor on the base paths. It’s a lot of fun to coach and very hard to defend.”

Brian Harrison – Baldwin Wallace University, Ohio/Completehitter.com

“Matt’s baserunning approach is a game changer. Its not just about stealing bases it’s a system that creates a ton of pressure on the defense and maximizes a team’s chances of creating offense. The results of the college program’s that have implemented it are compelling. If you are a coach and you want to create more offense get this system!”

Liam Carroll – Great Britain Baseball

“What really impressed me about Coach Talarico’s system is that stealing bases is something they expect of all of their players, not just out of their fast guys… In their 2012 season, eight players stole 10 or more bags and no player stole as much as a third of the total, reinforcing Coach Talarico’s statement that “anyone can develop a base stealing mindset.”

Big 10 Coach

“This is going great… We set the tournament record and a new school record.  I think we helped some guys’ draft status too!”

Mike Campbell (@BigSkinnyYote)

@StealBasesCom -Chandler-Gilbert C.C. also currently 3rd in nation in SB due to the system. Thanks Brotha. https://t.co/NHi6yiUErn

Phill Shallenberger (@CoachPhill_S)

“When you have a reputation for stealing bases you take the pitcher’s focus off of executing the pitch, which leads to runs!” @StealBasesCom pic.twitter.com/B9njYLLeNx

Jimmy Roesinger – Air Force

“The base stealing system I learned while playing under Coach Talarico at Dayton taught me that average runners can be a legitimate threat to steal bases.  This worked well for us at Dayton but also at the Division III level where I began my coaching career.”

Jared Broughton – Piedmont College, Georgia

“The base running system that we used when I played for Coach Talarico at Dayton completely changed the way that we played and put immense pressure on the defense. It was an incredibly fun style of play and is something that we have implemented in our program at the Division III level (Earlham College) to help us not only lead our conference but be in the top 10 in the nation for stolen bases. I have seen this system work at every level!”

Bryan Torresani – Arcadia University, PA

“Our program went from 42 to 99 bags this year. Every guy had at least one. I’ve always had base stealing teams and we have only scratched the surface with New School, etc. We won our conference in my 1st year and set the program record for wins. Your stuff was a huge part of it for us.”

Former Players

Bobby Glover – University of Dayton, 2012

“The base stealing program we used at UD allowed me to become a true threat on the bases.  I did not have above average speed but this allowed me to add another element to my game and help our team put runs on the board.”

Robby Sunderman – University of Dayton, 2014

“Coach Talarico’s system single handedly added another tool to my game. As a 7.0 flat runner at the division 1 level, I had no business stealing 21 bags my senior year. After I bought into using his system I became a threat every time I made it on base. It allows guys with average speed to become dangerous weapons on the base paths, while giving a plus speed guy the chance to steal 30 plus bags in a season.”

Brian Blasik – University of Dayton, 2012 (Houston Astros)

“This system helped give options on the base path. It put the defense in a defensive position  and allowed me to still try to get to the next base even when the pitcher had a quick time to the plate.”

CJ Gillman – University of Dayton, 2012 (Colorado Rockies)

“Coach Talarico’s base stealing system allowed me to steal 20+ bases a year, and gave me an extra weapon in my arsenal. It provided another avenue for me to get gain 90 feet to help the team win.”

Joe Corfman – University of Toledo, 2012

“While playing collegiate ball at the University of Toledo, I was introduced to a new base stealing technique by Coach Talarico after my freshman season. After practicing the technique for one fall, I was able to increase my stolen bases by 14 during my sophomore season. I continued to see great results in the following years and was able to steal over 20 bases during my senior season. I didn’t have plus speed but was able to get great jumps using the techniques taught by Coach Talarico.”

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