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Here’s a quick story…

I was in my first season as a full-time NCAA Division I baseball coach and I wanted to persuade a team who had averaged just 54 stolen bases at a 69% success rate to be MORE aggressive.

I realized this could be a battle considering we weren’t exceptionally fast that year.  I asked for the fall to prove this system would work… just one month later everyone was all on board.

Through just 15 minutes of practice a day we developed base stealers who were able to run on arguably the best catcher to ever play at this university. In fact, the players quickly realized how little the catcher really mattered in the equation.

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By the time the spring ended we were the 7th best base stealing team in the nation using the tools I have organized in this site.  It didn’t end with just one good season.  We brought that average up from 54 stolen bases to 102 in the next five years with a 75% success rate.  We even led the entire nation in just the second year with this system.

This wasn’t because we had some influx of fast base runners.  Over this stretch of time our fastest player was a 6.8 sixty yard dash… and we only had a couple of guys that fast in my time there.  In fact our average running base stealers carried the majority of the weight.

base stealing

So how did we do this?

  • Got players excited about stealing.
  • Developed a new mindset where we put pressure on the defense.
  • Stopped sacrifice bunting.
  • Developed a skill set that can cut down your base stealing times to second and third.
  • Made our players more educated about stealing bases than most other teams and coaches.
  • Gave players different options of steal types they could master – if the pitcher is quick you have to use faster tools.
  • Had a step by step plan that wouldn’t completely change the way we practice but to find ways to easily add to it.

This system carried over to my next coaching job where I set to accomplish similar goals for our run production.  We were again successful in changing our numbers but also giving guys serious improvements from their previous year changing a team who averaged just 53 stolen bases at a 71% success rate to 101 at a 78% rate.

mitch running

How can this same information benefit you and your team?

– Creates an exciting style of play

– Gives confidence to teach base stealing to all speed levels

– Gives you and your team more options to get 90′ closer to scoring

– Identifies weaknesses in the defense or pitcher’s tendencies

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Check out this segment from this recent ABCA podcast:

Awesome to have Coach Roberts mentioning my base stealing teams:

What is specifically offered in this system?

First, I will continue to add to the website.  Base stealing has, and will continue to, evolve for me in the last ten years of coaching.  This will not change.  I have already made a number of minor additions to the member’s only area of the site.  I look forward to releasing new content often!

By joining the website you will get access to the following sections which includes hours of video content including the interactive eBook.

Old School System

The fundamentals of learning how to steal

understanding leadoff distances

Learning steal start times and learning how they can work for you

New School System

Learning to deal with faster pitchers to the plate

Learning to eliminate the pickoff window as much as possible

Establishing momentum from a basic setup

Hybrid System

How to deal with pitchers and teams who have a plan to stop you

New momentum types from intricate setups

Disguising your game plan

base stealing

Left-handed Pitchers

What are the different types of left-handed pitchers?

How are these pitchers trying to stop you?

Developing a game plan based on the amount of respect you have to give them

Handling players who cannot see lefties very well

base stealing

Second Base

Stealing 3B is by far an easier task than stealing second

What you need to know about being safe to 3B every time

How to defend vs. the defense.

stealing second


I typically run into the same speed bumps every year.  Accelerate the learning process by being proactive with these issues.

steal 2b


15 of the every day drills we use to create high level base stealers.

This list continues to grow every year I work with new players!

stealing bases


I have had the privilege of speaking at a handful of baseball coaching clinics, including the ABCA convention in Chicago in 2012.  Every time I speak I open up for any questions from the coaches.  This section addresses the top 5 questions I get.

base stealing mistakes

WSU Video Blog

Receive real game by game reviews of the system through our 2016 and 2017 seasons at WSU

Each video describes what base stealing issues we were dealing with right when they actually happened

Videos will also discuss plans to address issues in practice the next day

This includes any positive and speed bump we hit on our way to the Louisville Regional finals

steal bases blog

12 Week Plan

Individualized, written plan to utilize the system for your team

This can also be modified for specific team needs

Also includes foot quickness drills along with steal technique work

steal bases book ebook cover page

base stealing book

Book covering the entire system!

Pictures included

Interactive with the videos from the site (for FULL members)!

Steal Start Technique Package

This package is the complete breakdown of our basic steal starts.

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 11.25.43 AM


Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 11.24.53 AM
Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 11.25.25 AM


Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 11.25.10 AM


The technique package includes:

The Setup 

How to develop a stance that benefits an efficient Old School jump

How to lineup in the base line to be more effective

The Arm Action

How do our arms work during a steal start?

Why this is the single most important thing to master to see results!

The Legs

How do our legs really work?

Is it more beneficial to crossover with my rear foot or take a directional step with my lead foot?

Teaching Feel

Now that we know how the body works how do I get my player to feel good technique?

What are some of the drills to accomplish this?

Band work

Establishing a good jump using resistance

Establishing a good jump using assistance

Developing leg strength and an explosive start

Daily Plan

How do we apply this to are every day workouts!

This written plan gives you an easy guide to follow to see results.

Check out what other coaches/

players have to say

Greg Lovelady, Head Coach at University of Central Florida

“Last year at Wright State our offense changed dramatically when we hired Matt and implemented his base running philosophy. Not only did we steal more bases and put more guys in scoring position, but the pressure that was added to the opposing team allowed our offense to be more successful…”

Robby Sunderman – Former Player, University of Dayton, 2014

“Coach’s system allows guys with average speed to become dangerous weapons on the base paths, while giving a plus speed guy the chance to steal 30 plus bags in a season.”

Nick McIntyre – Asst. Coach, University of Toledo
“I’ve seen Matt Talarico’s base stealing system work… One thing you realize is that even with all of the knowledge of how the system works, you still can’t defend it.  I can’t think of a better way for any program to get a
leg up on the competition.”

Jimmy Harris – Head Coach, Stillwater High School, Oklahoma
“…The past 3 years have been [our team’s] best in terms of results. It’s also the time I started learning from Coach Talarico. Now other teams are forced to deal with us.”

Bobby Pierce – Head Coach, IPFW

“Just one day with Matt and learning his base running principles helped our program achieve dramatic stolen base
improvements and has helped me have confidence teaching baserunning…”

More Testimonials Here 

Benefits of joining the site:

Your team will put pressure on defenses by stealing more bases.

You will eliminate unnecessary pickoffs.

Establish an exciting style of play that is extremely aggressive.

Be a feared team/player in your league

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eBook + Steal Start Technique Package:

This package includes the ENTIRE system breakdown in eBook form but DOES NOT include the videos of the system.  The eBook includes photos only.  This eBook will specifically cover:

  • The Old School System
  • The New School System
  • Hybrid Systems
  • Second Base Work
  • Confidence Building
  • and much more.

This pack WILL also include all of the Steal Start Technique videos including the 6 Minute Daily warm up plan.

Please contact me with any questions about this package!

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